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Happy Columbus Day.

"Take away this Columbus Day
No more bones on display
Blackhawk never had a say
Just taken out of the picture."

--Son Volt, "Out of the Picture"

On to the sports morsels...

So far so good on my MLB playoff predictions.

White Sox will start Contreras in Game 1. Followed by Buehrle and the Garland.

The Bears were too disgusting yesterday, so I will not be reviewing the game. I will say this though: Stay with Orton. There is no reason why he should not continue to start. I'm looking forward to a QB competition in '06 between him and Grossman. It also looks like we should not be surprised to see Grossman play this year. Which mean we should also not be surprised if he gets hurt.

Our fabulous 1st round pick still can't get on the field, even after the starter is injured. Anybody with me now about taking a WR in the 1st round and a RB in the 2nd? It's early, but this is some real bad karma. "I just always make sure I'm ready." says Benson. Perhaps the coaches and Ced should sit down and come to an agreement on the definition of 'ready'.

Sam Smith has some rather tasty NBA nuggets, as usually is the case. Smith writes about LeBron: "James, the next would-be Michael Jordan, enters his third season off an 11-19 finish. He's working on his third coach in less than a year and is still without a playoff appearance."

Pre-blog I wrote a friend about the Cavs and LeBron. I said that everything was rosy--for now. But this year the expectations will be very high. Like win the conference high. It's easy to love and be loved when you take a team out of the dumps and give them new life. It's not when you are expected to win. If they do not win a playoff series this year, the honeymoon is certainly over and we will likely see a divorce. LeBron will want out. "There should be no excuses for us not to get to the playoffs with the guys we've added," James said. Agreed. We will find out if he is a diva this year. How he reacts to pressure and his teammates. The spotlight is on.

Get your Monday laugh here: "Mexicans find American football to be totally gay"

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