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OK, a little something in the title to get you to read this. I should have added 'since August 1st', but that wouldn't have been so exciting--would it? But while the Sox were in quite a struggle to win ballgames, Jose Contreras proved himself invaluable to the club.

Check out his starts since the beginning of August:

Date vs. IP H ER BB K
08/04 TOR 5.0 5 0 4
08/09 @NYY 7.0 3 0 2 6
08/15 MIN 6.2 8 4 2 5
08/21 NYY 8.0 11 1 0 5
08/27 @SEA 7.0 5 3 0 7
09/01 DET 7.0 5 3 0 5

Yes he has walked too many hitters this year. Yes he has not gotten the most out of his stuff. But man--he has been spectacular since August. No walks in his last 3 starts and only 8 in his last 6. 2 huge wins against the Yankees. He might get to 200 innings pitched. Less hits than IP. 10-7, 4.06. Not bad from your number 4 starter.

Added: Jose went out and got the job done again last night. He did walk 5 but no runs allowed. He's now 11-7, 3.88. And although Ozzie did some LaRussa-ing last night in the 9th, it worked out. But mark it down now--should the Sox not go far in the playoffs, or the time comes when they are not a good ballclub--that will be the harp that is played--Ozzie overmanages.

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