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The post below details why I like the White Sox over the BoSox. In the other AL series, I see the Angels winning because of the same reason: their rotation is set to go. The Unit will not pitch until game 3. Mussina is a shell of what he used to be. Consider: only 179 innings pitched this year and hitters nailed him for a .284 avg. The Halos are deep all around. If they find trouble early on, they have Kelvim Escobar to turn to. He can go 4-5 innings if needed. Yanks score a lot of runs. But they don't have enough pitching. Angels are the pick.

Some say that there is no way that any team will beat Clemens, Oswalt and Petitte in a short series. I'll agree since they are playing the Braves. I don't trust the Braves bullpen in a tough situation, especially Farnsworth. Houston is the pick.

Cards over Pads. No analysis needed. But if the Cards lose the series, they will be annointed the new Buffalo Bills.

Sox vs. Angels. Sox
Cards vs. Houston. STL


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