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If it's all about the pitching, the Red Sox ought to make some tee times. The pitching is set up perfectly for Chicago:

Game 1: Clement vs. Contreras. Clement has been horrid in his last 5 starts. Without looking at splits, from his time here in Chicago it seems that the workload always catches up with him toward the end of the season. Contreras, as I wrote earlier has indeed been the White Sox MVP since August 1. Without his incredible performance, today I would instead be writing about the demise of the 2005 Sox.

There is always a chance Contreras could get picky with his pitches and fall behjind hitters. That was his M.O. in NY and here in Chicago. But it seems more likely that he will go out and win game 1. He has had that look in his eye during his last few starts.

Game 2: Wells vs. Buehrle. Wells is the perfect pitcher for the Sox. He throws strikes and does not walk batters. The White Sox do not draw many walks. They are swinging, ealry and often in the count. Batter hit .296 against Wells this season. Sure Wells has not only postseason experience and success, but the White Sox might just pound him. Any game that gets to the Red Sox bullpen early is good news for the White Sox. Buehrle finished strong and had his best season ever.

Game 3: Garland vs. Wakefield The series goes to Boston for game 3. It will be tough to win in Fenway, but Wakefield has a sketchy postseason past. The Red Sox won in spite of his performance last year when he was shelled for 12 runs in 11 IP. He has also thrown more innings this year than in any season of his career. How much that affects a knuckballer is anyone's guess. NY shelled him in his last outing of the year and that was at Fenway.

CBS Sportsline needs some new experts. Their 4 experts (I have never heard of any of them) all pick the BoSox. Scott Miller writes, "If Boston gets into the White Sox bullpen -- and it seems unavoidable -- forget it." Scott--I think it's the other way around.

White Sox: Politte, Hermanson, Bad Bobby Jenks, Cotts, Marte and either El Duque or Brandon Mc Carthy, who shut down the Red Sox on Labor Day.

Red Sox: Timlin, DiNardo, Papelbon, Myers, Bradford, Jeremi Gonzalez and rookie Hansen.

White Sox will take this series.


White Sox

Red Sox

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