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Spraying to all fields...

--I think I have seen enough of Justin Gage. I'm concluding that he is a good red zone option because of his 6'4" frame, but I would rather see Berrian and Bradley get most of his snaps. Berrian might be this year's Gage. Gage was mostly ignored last season and that's Berrian's burden this year, so far. Seeing how Turner likes to go long downfield, wouldn't Berrian be a better option? Or would Gage because of his height? Let's see more Berrian. Bobby Wade is a solid option for the slot. He can get open and get yards after the catch. He doesn't stretch the D though. So let's see Bernie...

--Desmond Clark seems to be full of promise, but not much delivery. And while I'm certainly no expert, I don't think he is a good blocker. Would the Bears be better running 3 WR? More P.T. for Gage, Berrian and Bradley. In this new era of dominant Tight Ends, Clark is likely below the league average in speed and blocking. Not that the Bears have used him correctly, and the offense has certainly been weak the last 2 years, but that position is upgradeable. We need much more from him.

--Remember me? I was drafted by the Bears in the 2nd round of the 1996 draft out of Penn State. I just keep doing my job, year in and year out. Mike Holmgren realized this and signed me to a 4-yr. contract in 2002 so I would remain a Seahawk. This year I have more receptions and yards than any Bear. I am 7th in the NFC in catches. People think I'm not all that fast but I returned punts for TDs in 2002 and 2003. Last year I broke a long one for 48 yards on a national TV game. I would still look good in a Bears uniform. The Zoner told me so. I'm Bobby Engram.

--Not bringing in someone to battle Doug Brien during this bye week is just nuts. This is exactly the type of pressure he needs. If he performs lousy then cut him. If he succeeds in some bye-week competition, maybe his confidence is pumped up and he starts nailing them. Practice will not help him now--he needs some juice. Kickers are quirky. Their legs are like putters. Sometimes they are so hot you know it's going in. Other times it's yip city and you can't figure out how to get out of the funk. Brien's funk now includes missing 5 of his last 6 attempts including last year's playoffs. His accuracy was his only real strength. He does not possess a strong leg that will provide long kickoffs or long FGs.



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