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I have to agree with Football Minds. They are calling for Aaron Brooks to be a big bust in Oakland.

Yes, they have many weapons. And yes that's what I said last year when I got all giddy about Kerry Collins. It didn't work.

The addition of Art Shell might help the O-Line but it's just not very good. Football Minds also points out that in a recent preseason game "announcers are quoting Moss about how he “would love to be catching passes from a guy like Walter, who is young and has a strong arm and can get you the ball.”

Hmm. it could be that last year was a blip for Brooks, who has otherwise been solid in his career. But I wouldn't bet on that and I sure won't spend a high draft pick on him.

Any busts or breakout predictions? Please share...

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FDawg said...

Yeah, don't expect much from Brooks, heck don't expect much from the Raiders under Art Shell (Shell will only ever be an O-line coach).

My personal favorite pick is Matt Jones (the J'ville wide out). He can put up some hellacious numbers (fantasy wise) even if he doesn't start (but he should start this year). The other sleeper pick is Chris Cooley, the Redskin hback/tight end and finally may want to consider Steve McNair as a late pick-up at QB.