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And so the Cubs season actually starts today. They have a chance to put some hurt on the Cardinals and ruin their playoff chances. It's not as if they have anything else to play for.

With a Reds win and a Cards loss last night, they are tied for first in the NL Central.

Whose lineup would you rather have? I'll take the Reds.

But while the Reds began a 10-game road trip, the Cards are at home for series against the Cubs, Florida and Pittsburgh. The Reds continue on in San Fran and the go to LA and San Diego.

The Cards have Rolen, Edmonds and Albert, but not much else. And after Carpenter their rotation is Cub-like.

It's hard to see one of these teams getting hot enough to win 90 games. Making it ever more the shame that the Cubs never got it together this year.

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Tom said...

Spoiler is not an unusual role for the Cubs. I'd love to see Cincy win the Central but I'm still for the Dodgers and Maddog in the playoffs.

Looks like my computer started acting right again. HooRay!

Tim said...

Dude, where are you? You're needed ASAP in the football league. If you haven't signed up by Saturday, we're going to look for a replacement.

The Zoner said...

I signed up before! Am I supposed to again?

Brett said...

Sweet SWEEP!

The Zoner said...

Hooray for you. Enjoy your possible 1st round exit from the playoffs.