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I found the "Football Dawg" via technorati. He writes that Fox has an article that suggests Lovie Smith deserves a pay raise.

The Dawg says:

Here is the thing. Smith may be be doing a great job in Chicago, but a) he signed the contract, b) he has the best talent in the league, c) he got seriously burned by Carolina which is attributed to nothing other than bad coaching. So why would I give him a raise? The NFC North was a cake walk last year. The Bears had to make the playoffs on the strength of their defense alone. As much as people complain about Kyle Orton and being a third string QB, what counts, is that he played well and did what was necessary. That is called players stepping up. The problem for me is that when it counted, the coach failed and got seriously out-Foxed. I will harp on this for a long time, but how hard is it to plan a defense for an offense that had one weapon? I don't care how good Steve Smith was, you don't let him beat you. And it is based on that, and that alone that Lovie should not be getting a pay raise.

Right on Dawg. That doesn't mean I don't like Lovie because I do. But this is the year he truly proves his mettle. He'll likely have to make 2 huge decisions at RB & QB that will affect the whole season. Let's see how Lovie does this year. Then we can talk about raises. Or possibly finding someone else.

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