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Wait til next year if your team stinks now. Or maybe even the year after. Because the list of 2007 free agents is pretty boring with the exception of a few top players.
  • Barry Bonds- Welcome to the A.L...or jail.
  • Barry Zito- Better career numbers than I thought. He will be paid in full.
  • Alfonso Soriano- The Angels are hot for him now, the thought process being they can still do something this year. Another guy that will be paid in full. But although his primary numbers like HRs and SBs always look good, he's an out machine with a career OPS of .828. Considering now that he is an outfielder and not a 2B, is he worth the money? Doubtful.
  • Carlos Lee- He's on pace to hit 50 bombs and yet has never hit more than 32 in any previous season. Like Soriano, Lee is a good player who would be great to have on your team. But if you are giving him the majority of your dollars I'm guessing your team will not be that good. He can't carry you. A career OPS of .832
  • Jason Marquis- Marquis is in the midst of burning his golden parachute. He will be only 28 in 2007 and had the chance to get paid with a good season this year. He's been brutal. 50-40 K/BB ratio, more hits than IP and 19 HR allowed in 17 starts. His 2004 season is looking like a mirage. Others ruining their free agent years include Mark Mulder, Juan Pierre, Andy Petitte.
  • Jason Schmidt- Certainly one of the more dominant pitchers when healthy. Schimdt is pitching great in '06. He has an ERA of 2.69, over 100 K's and is on pace to pitch a career-high for innings. Yet since 1997 he's made it past 200 IP only 4 times. He will also be 34 in January. Teams that throw 5 years his way might first want to think about Kevin Brown for a spell.

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