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I bet one cool drink that 10 years from now, these players will be talking about how wrong they were about Larry Brown. Here is the story via ESPN.

"Coach Brown is so old-school," point guard Nate Robinson told the New York Post. "He wants everything done just like this, not getting the crowd involved. Isiah wants everyone to have fun.

"At first he [Brown] was trying to take my joy [away] -- don't do this, don't do that. At the same time I had people in my corner saying, 'Don't ever change who you are. You got here by being who you are. By being Nate Robinson,'" he said.

Who is Nate Robinson? A rookie who is maybe league average as far as production is concerned. Who is Larry Brown? Nuff said. Except that how fun will they think 20-62 is? How fun will Isiah be then? And how fun will it be when they win the lottery only to have it handed over to the beloved Bulls who will then take Greg Oden and commence an 8-peat?

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