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Gee, here's a surprise: Mark Prior is hurt again. Prior strained his oblique muscle during BP. It always amazes me how these super-fit athletes pull hammys and other muscles so much. That said, I'm skeptical of a guy who has been hit around not wanting to take the bump again for a brutal team. On the other hand, I've had the same injury he has--under several more layers of adipose--and it is a tough injury to heal.

Dusty had this to say: "I know everybody else wants us to go to Iowa [to call up Rich Hill], maybe they'll get their choice. But be careful what you wish for, right? Wasn't that what everyone was saying just [Saturday]?"

I am very careful for what I wish. Calling up a top pitching prospect for a team that has lost 54 games at the ASB sounds exactly like my wishes right now. Guzman too. And more Marmol! I have some other wishes too Dusty. I think they will be fulfilled sooner rather than later.


PB said...

The Cubs need to have a fire sale, and start over. They are heading into Kansas City territory, and that aint good. Hey mang, the Tigers are still in first place mang! GO MOTOR CITY KITTIES!"

Schmidty said...

I feel the need to share this article from the Onion. :)

Disabled List Offers Mark Prior Two-Year, $8 Million Extension
June 29, 2006 | Issue 42•26

CHICAGO—Mark Prior, the right-handed pitcher who has spent the first few years of his career on the disabled list, is now considering accepting a recent two-year, $8 million offer from the DL that would keep him not playing through the 2008 season. "I couldn't even imagine the DL without Mark Prior—over the years, he has become the face, stiff right elbow, strained subscapularis muscle, and inflamed Achilles tendon of our organization," said Kirk Gibson, manager and longtime former member of the DL, which is currently rebuilding by claiming young arms such as Kerry Wood, Ben Sheets, and Mike Maroth. "We firmly believe that Mark's best injuries are still ahead of him." While Prior's agent says the pitcher is exploring his options, experts predict that it is "inevitable" that Prior will return to the DL and, with the loyalty he's shown in the past, likely finish his career there.

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