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Some good stuff from around the blogosphere...

Over at Sports Blah, Mike D writes about his continual amazement in regard to Kirk Hinrich's play. If that doesn't do it for you he also talks about his predictive colon twinge.

Over at Change of Subject, Tribune writer Eric Zorn writes about the hubbub surrounding making a Spanish version of the Star-Spangled Banner and whether or not newbies even consider jumping into the melting pot anymore.

Baseball Musings posts about Curt Schilling's 133-pitch outing last night and the possible effects it might have on his season. The comments are quite good too.

Zoner Family Chat:

A few items to discuss...

On the right sidebar there is a new link to add me to your Technorati favorites. If you don't use this tool yet, go for it. It gives you a rundown of what all your favorite blogs are talking about and when they were updated. It's a free service and very cool too.

Also, I've been looking at some browser stats and I'm surprised to see so many of you reading the Zoner on Internet Explorer. I can't express enough how much I love Firefox and all of its great browsing tools. It is indeed The Zoner's preferred browser. You can download it from the right sidebar. When you do you'll also be helping support the Zoner.

Finally, Friday is going to be Hawaiian shirt day. So if you want to wear a Hawaiian shirt and some jeans...go ahead.

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