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Freakouts happen. At work. But if any of us regular working joes did this at our places of work, we'd likely be looking for a new place to work. Of course, we all know the modern athlete is exempt from following certain workplace protocols. After all, it's not like 25 reporters come to my desk after I finish a project and ask me all sorts of questions.

So let's hear a ballplayer go absolutely ballistic. I'm especially amused by his inflection and delivery when he uses the word 'it'. "We're gonna talk about it?"

Without further ado, The Zoner presents "Todd Stottlemyre Freaks Out", a Todd Stottlemyre production.


Tim Ellsworth said...

You ought to post the "Lee Elia freakout" sometime. Have you heard it? Hilarious stuff.

The Zoner said...

Search the Zoner archives and you will find it. I posted it a while back.

Have I heard it? I lived it!!

Tim Ellsworth said...

Ah, that was back before my Zoner reading days. I'll check it out.

Were you there or something?

The Zoner said...

No not there, just lived through that season and many like it.

Tim Ellsworth said...

Yeah, it's a disheartening ... situation.

The Zoner said...

And were you laughing whilst you typed that Cardinal boy?

Tim Ellsworth said...

Of course. You're frustrated. I'll guarantee you're frustrated. ... I don't know how to make it any clearer to you.