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Corey Patterson 1-4 .156/.156/.250 4-4 SBs. No walks in 32 ABs account for his OBP and AVG being the same. He started to rake a bit against Cleveland but is o-8 in the first 2 games against the Yanks.

Frank Thomas 4-10 .162/.240/.368, 7 BBs. reports Thomas isn't worried about his slow start to the season. "It's been a slow start, but it's only 17 games," he said. "I've always been a streaky guy, and when I get a streak I normally make it last a little while." His streaks used to start in April and end in October.

John Koronka 3-1, 3.75, 18 K 6 BB, 24 IP. With the injury to Adam Eaton, Koronka's early success has been huge for he Rangers.

Aaron Rowand 2-5 .307/.358/.440, 3-5 SBs. Rowand was moved yet again in the lineup--this time down to 6th. I think Charlie Manuel is freaking a bit as he has big bat Ryan Howard hitting 7th. Go figure. Rowand has yet to enjoy Citizens Bank Park, hitting only .255/.314/.319 there.

Kyle Farnsworth 0-0, 4.50, 8 games, 6 IP, 5 K 4 BB. Ho. And hum.

Jeromy Burnitz 4-12 .217/.253/.386, 2 BBs and 20 Ks in 83 ABs. Not enjoying his 7th team. Yet.

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Tim Ellsworth said...

So, I don't guess you're missing Patterson too much, huh?