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We found this nugget over at the outstanding In Walt We Trust blog. Other shirts of note he saw at the new Busch:

“Wrigley Field: America’s Largest Gay Bar”
“Cubs Baseball: An alternative to winning since 1908”

We've added his blog to the blogroll on the right if you'd like to stop by on occasion. Yes it's a Cardinal blog but it's good and not uppity. And unlike Jacque Jones, I'm strong enough to take it!


Chris said...

Thanks a ton for the plug. I'm glad you were able to find the shirts humorous; I can understand how those could be quick to offend some folk. I try not to show any ill will toward Cubs fans; I'm a fan of baseball first and foremost. Besides, it's those daggum Astros that I can't stand! :)

The Zoner said...

No problem. I'm not as sensitive as those Cardinal fans =0)

Anyway, I'm like you-big baseball fan who just enjoys talking about the game!

The Zoner