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Turk Wendell. Turk the Quirk. Renown for his teeth-brushing between innings and a panoply of other odd habits and superstitions. Ragged-arm righty, former Cub and teller of truths. He has a new one to tell.

I spent 1 year with the Cubs. Not as a player, although that year it might have behooved them to ask me to take the bump every so often. I remember Turk mostly for his blatant nose-picking and shooting arrows at large fake deer that were placed strategically around the Wrigley stands.

But when I read this article I think about all the great tell-all books that might come out in the next 20-30 years. Turk would certainly have plenty of great stories. He played with the Cubs, Philly and the Mets--3 of the toughest places to play. He ended his career with one year in the pitcher death palace know as Coors. Not only would his stories be witty and quirky, they would likely be true.

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