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He's not immune to injury, playing in only 22 games the last 3 seasons. He doesn't have the strongest arm in the league. This will be his 4th team, but his last coach wanted him back in a bad way. He's not a fast runner. He's not 'The Man'.

But I will tell you this: if the Bears continue to have a defense as dominant as last year (playoff game excluded) and continue to run the ball well, Brian Griese could be the QB on a Bears Super Bowl Winner.

The Bears made an excellent signing in getting the veteran Griese to be the backup to Rex Grossman. But--"I don't think there's any question he's going into the position to compete for the job," Griese's agent Ralph Cindrich said. "That was made clear." Cindrich also added that the Bears made no promises.

So while the Bears brass still consider Grossman to be the leader, they've finally fully accepted that without 2 proven QBs life in the NFL is an untenable situation.

Griese has all the things you look for in a solid playcaller. The pedigree, experience, accuracy and he walks in understanding the system. He has a career passer rating of 84.8, 103 TDs to 78 INTs and a very nice and un-Bears like 7.05 yards per attempt.

This is a great move. I think Bears fans can fully embrace their excitement now. No, it won't be great if our starting QB--whoever that will be--goes down with an injury, but there is a real NFL QB waiting behind him. And now our #3 is Kyle Orton, who made the most of a tough situation as a rookie last year. As much as I criticized him, I know he is fearless and now has a year under his belt. He can be an option at some point.

Now on to the draft--let's get that stud Tight End and reload the secondary. Eric Moulds might be nice too.


The Armchair Quarterback said...

This is a great signing for the Bears. I would say it is not too crazy to think that he might be Chicago's best QB right now. I have been a supporter of Grossman but if he doesn't come through I'm sure Chicago fans would much rather see Griese on the field than Orton.

Schmidty said...

Agreed on Moulds...the Bears definitely need a receiver who can stretch the field. Muhammad did that a bit last season, but team's are going to figure out he's not the player he was a couple of years ago.

The Zoner said...

agree with both of you. One more solid, veteran WR and draft one of the stud TE's and I believe we can really score some points next year.

Anonymous said...

Chicago signs another Big-10 QB? When will they learn! GO LIONS! Restore the roar, mang!

Tom said...

And the Colts get Vinitieri from New England. Wonder which acquisition will lead their respective team to the Super Bowl first?

The Zoner said...

The Colts are the new Bills.