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It was so enjoyable to watch North Carolina lose. GMU forced them into 6 turnovers in their first 6 possessions of the 2nd half. UNC thought they had the game won early. Their swagger soon turned to panic, and not even the great Roy Williams, the apoplectic-about to stroke out-Roy Williams, could get UNC to play the game with a critical focus.

UNC shot 30 3's and had only 4 free throw attempts. David Noel shot the ball well but had 6 turnovers.

GMU played with such poise--they nailed 9-12 free throws in the last 3 minutes. Last week Coach Larranaga said, "If we make the tournament we'll be given an opportunity to prove ourselves in front of the entire nation." Done.

On to the morsels...

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Anonymous said...

That Film Noir list proposes to list the movies that best embody the characteristics of flim noir, and if these characteristics are the ones stated, including subverting happy endings and "portraying that society is hypocritical and hopelessly corrupt", then The Third Man should be probably be Number 1 on that list, or at any rate much higher than 15 (?!?) That's a big enough slip-up to almost undermine the vailidity of the entire list.

Though overall it's a good list--I've seen 10 of 'em and have another few in my NetFlix Queue. I would single out Kiss Me Deadly as one from the second, less-famous tier as one to check out.


Gordon Cloud said...

As a true Duke fan, I thoroughly enjoyed your description of UNC going down in flames. In the last few minutes of that game, Tyler Hansbrough looked like a deer in the headlights.

It was great.