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Great Super Bowl last night. Especially if you, like me, had the Steelers and the under. Congrats to the Bus, Bill Cowher and all of Pittsburgh. The Bears will be doing some celebrating this time next year. Celebrating what I don't know, but they are a jovial group. Seriously, this Steelers team has to be considered one of the best of all-time just because of the road they had to take, literally, to get the trophy.

Remember that they were just 7-5 back in December, 2 games behind the Bengals and weren't even sure they could capture a wild card spot. So they went out and won 8 in a row, including the postseason, to become Super Bowl Champs. Very impressive. The individuals might not be among the best of all-time, but their accomplishment sure is. To the morsels...

--Be the first kid on your block to get the new Monopoly. Seems the cards have been updated.

--You can miss a lot of the subleties when watching witty programs like the Simpsons. You can also miss all the esoteric allusions. You really can. This explains. Then play with this and this when you are done reading. And then go do some work already.

--Someone asked me "Do you like Watercress and Arugala?" I told them I'm not really into 'emo' much anymore. But apparently it's a healthy food, clocking in at #18 of The World's Healthiest 29 Foods. 'And now we're up to our long distance request...' (let me know if you get this)

--Meet The Father of Film Noir

--2 fun flash games for you. Throwing Rocks at Boys and also Bow Man

--And finally, Happy Birthday to valued reader PV, celebrating his 33rd today. Rock on PV!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for b-day wishes. And honestly I don't feel a day over 31. (Thanks also for the film noir article, looks interesting, and has been copied-and-pasted for future reading.)

As for the Super Bowl, it was compelling I suppose, but sloppy and poorly officiated and as an exhibition of football, more awful than good. Lots of things that could be rehashed, but the one thing that sticks out to me: HOW CAN YOU NOT BE READY FOR THE ANTWAN-RANDLE-EL-THROWS-THE-BALL PLAY!!! How can you prepare for Pitt for 2 weeks and then fall for that. Really inexcusable. They seemingly run that play every time I see them. Didn't they try that play against Den? Regardless, they run a lot of reverses and razzle-dazzle stuff, to the point where if I'm on defense and I see #82 or #86 moving behind the line, I'm thinking "stay at home, stay at home, be ready". Long off-season for Holmgren.


The Zoner said...

not holmgren's best effort--playcalling, clock management and more just weren't good enough. Their D was brutal on 3rd down and their penalties seemed to be at the worst possible times.

He also fell in love with the little passes. How did they have the advantage in T.O.P. and yet Alexander had only 20 carries. Weak.

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