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You might have thought that this would be about Tom Brady's recent appearance on "Family Guy". Sorry. It's not.

Would LOVE to hear others opine on the following thoughts.

We go to war. We go to war to free the oppressed and also to maintain and protect our own freedom. Ostensibly, anyway. We go to war in the full knowledge that civilians and our soldiers will die in these efforts, though they try to avoid that end. So we know that our freedoms and those of others will end up in casualties.

Stay with me here. I think that the fact that we haven't had any terrorist attacks here in America since that dreadful day in 2001 has something to do with the Patriot Act being in place. How much effect? I don't know. Smarter people than me can decide that. But what is the difference if we die protecting our current freedoms here in our country by terrorist attack or by war in another land? Does the Patriot Act and the denial of unalienable rights serve as a sort of terrorist attack too? It's taking away our rights and our freedom, at least in part. If we are willing to fight and die for our freedom and rights should we even have something like the Patriot Act? Isn't it similar to the reasons we go to war?

Am I making sense?


BigD said...

Within days of 9/11, I had a conversation with someone who was a staunch liberal, and needless to say, anti-Bush. Her complaint was that our government should have used all the resources available to prevent any tragedy like this from happening. Four years later, her complaint is now that her rights are violated by the same government.

This is my question: How are your rights violated? I know in theory, you don't believe government should invade your privacy. But how are they, really? Listening to your phone conversations? Are you really concerned with that while talking with your wife about where to go for dinner? Camera's in public places? What are you doing in public that you don't want anyone to see?

My point is your fear of losing personal freedoms plays right into the hands of the "bad guys." I agree there are limits, but have we really come close? Would the family members of the 2000 or so murdered on 9/11 give up their rights to have their loved ones back?

Tough questions. How much freedom do we surrender for safety?

I have a better question for you. When will we begin to get serious about seeing the Muslim religion for what it is; A hate driven faith that will only rest when no other religion exists.

The Zoner said...

Hey they are only looking in our windows. So what if they see us watching the Cubs? They are only opening some of the mail, not all of it.

you dig what I'm saying. The slope is too slippery.