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Antwaan Randle El is from right here in Chicago. Bears fans think it to be fait accompli that he will become a Bear as soon as he gets the contract offer faxed over. Not so quick:

"Right now, I don't even want to think about it, OK?" said Randle El on Sunday. "I mean, this is a special moment, and I want to [savor] it. It's a great bunch of guys and, when you think about what we've done, winning eight in a row after everyone was ready to write us off for the season [at 7-5] in early December, it means a lot. These guys are my friends. I think [management] here knows my preference. But you just don't know in this game anymore. We'll have to see how it plays out."

ESPN's great Len Pasquarelli supplies that quote from his latest column. He also points out that since the Steelers gave it up to Hines Ward, there might not be much left for Randle El. That would be good news for Bears fans. But certainly the suitors will be lining up for him, especially since he shined in the spotlight of Super Bowl XL.

Just 26, Randle El does it all. He played QB at IU and displayed his skills by zipping a tight spiral on the run for the TD pass in the Super Bowl. He can run the ball and is a great receiver. He also returned 2 punts for TDs this season. He is everything the Bears need--another fast, veteran wideout that can return kicks, which has been an area of instability in recent years. Bobby Wade suffered from some major fumblitis before getting cut this season and DB Jerry Azumah has never been the same since his recent injury and is not likely to be on the Bears this coming season.

There are some stud TEs available in the draft. The Bears could upgrade that position and their WR corps by getting Randle El. 2 more weapons to go with Muhammad, Berrian and Bradley. Of course, there are rumblings brewing about how problematic having both Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson could be. Don't be surprised to see Jones traded. His market value will never be higher and trading him could help the Bears move up in the first round. Benson would then be the man with Adrian Peterson backing him up.

By my plan the Bears would have 3 young, promising wideouts, a rookie stud TE and a 2nd year RB along with young veteran Grossman and Orton running the show.

With most of their defense signed for years to come, it looks as if the Bears may own the division like they did in the 80's.


Anonymous said...

Agree everywhere except for the last part about dominating the division. Things ebb and flow so much, that I'm not sure you can count on teams being bad as much as you used to.

Green Bay may be down for a bit, but I would not be surprised to see Minnesota come back stronger under new direction--heck, they weren't that far off ultimately this year. There's talent there. There's talent in Detroit, too, though I'm not sure any coach, even one as seemingly well-respected as Marinelli, can win with Millen running the show.

I guess what I'm saying is I don't take for granted the division will be that bad again. Nor do I take for granted that the Bears will have a nice run, even if it does sure line up that way--which is why the playoff loss was so disheartening. Ya never know what next year brings.

Cure the cliche-o-meter.


The Zoner said...

Get more specific. Minnesota has a badly injured Culpepper coming back. Name a few other things that are great about them. Detroit has major issues. Green Bay sucked with Favre and will likely suck more without him.

I wrote "it looks as if" they will dominate the division for a while. And I believe that. It all points to the Bears owning the North for the rest of the '00s. Sure that can change quickly, but if you had to bet on which team would win the most games and division titles in the North until 2010, it would have to be the Bears, wouldn't it?

Greg said...

How big would my erection be if the Bears get Randle-El?


You know, as big as it gets.

Which is, you know, whatever.

The Zoner said...

And that's more than we here at The Zoner care to discuss. So, um,...ew.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trade Jones. Depth is what makes a team get through season. The Bears are a running team and if you are going to pound the ball, one back will not hold up. I'd like to see Jones at 20 carries and Benson 12 to 15. Benson showed some promise, but after a knee injury you just don't know. Dominating a division is too hard, though I would say they are set up to be very competetive the next few years and definitely should take the division crown next year.....barring injuries.

Thanks, off to get a pretzel and a drink from the trough.

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