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I employ Google Ads on my blog. Why? Mostly because it is easy. I've yet to collect anything from them. There is some money in my account, but not enough for them to cut me a check.

But it's kind of neat how their system works. If I were to write a post on the Cubs you would likely see Cubs ads and so on. Well I recently posted about Ron Artest. I'm chuckling at the ads that I currently see on the 'ol blog. "Free Ron Artest Jersey--Free New Pacers #15 Jersey!". At first I wondered if it was "Free Artest", as in "Free Lithuania". But it's for the actual Artest jersey and the ad is just outdated.

Other free Pacer jerseys I would like:
  • Ricky Sobers
  • Rick Robey
  • Vern Fleming
  • Greg Dreiling
  • Lasalle Thompson
  • Steve Stipanovich
  • Granville Waiters
If you recognize 2 or more of these names you are a very sick person.

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