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We learned several interesting things from the Bulls game last night. Foremost for me is that Larry Brown calls Antonio Davis 'Tony'. AD has been in the league for like 23 years now and I've never heard him referred to as Tony.

I'll admit that AD seems more like a big teddy bear than a big thug. But Greg Anthony, who should never be allowed more than 8 consecutive seconds of speaking on live TV, said that AD "doesn't have a violent past." Well wasn't it just a little over a year ago that he threw down with the Wiz' Brendan Haywood? It might have been provoked, but that still qualifies as violence. If memory serves, didn't Eddy Curry punch someone in the crotch in that preseason tilt? How lame is that? And why does Greg Anthony aggravate me more and more?

We also learned that there are still people who think it cool to be a moron on TV. People--please, just being on TV is not a cool thing. If you act like a goof and jump up and down, show us you have a cup of beer or give us the peace sign, you have ruined your one and likely only appearance on TV. Can't we start a cable station for everyone who has never been on TV? They can all line up and make funny faces or whatever. But quit mugging for cameras while I am trying to watch sports.

Are we to believe security in sports arenas really secure the place? Seems to me they are always late to the party. That may not be fair but last night Antonio Davis could have went to concessions for a nice pretzel and made it back to his wife's seat by the time security got there.

We go to Wrigley quite often. Am I to really believe that the peach-fuzzed, 136 lb. string bean would be able to thwart an angry, large man from wrongdoing? Not likely. So I don't blame Tony at all. I would have done the same thing. At least he didn't punch anyone in the crotch like Eddy Curry.

Other things we learned from the actual action in the game:

--Tyson Chandler is in the black hole of hoops. He fouled out, missed all 4 of his free throw attempts and had 4 turnovers. Ouch.

--The Bulls signed someone named Stephen Graham. He did not play.

--The Knicks have Maurice Taylor. Not sure when that happened.

--Eddy Curry fouled out in 26 minutes of playing time with 11 pts. & 4 boards. Tony had 16 and 9 on 7-10 shooting before his ejection.


Anonymous said...

First off, further reports indicate that Tony's (lol!) wife was giving the verbal abuse and in-your-face pointing as good as she was getting it last night. And it all started coz she wouldn't sit the hell down during game, and then people told her to, well, sit the hell down. Yeah a couple guys were too into their cups and their ejections were prolly warranted. None of it justifies AD going into the stands, in my opinion. I understand why he reacted that way, but it doesn't make it right.

Anyway, to continue your theme, what I learned last night is that we need to find a new way to describe Tyson Chandler's play. Bad just doesn't cut it anymore. I had the misfortune of being in the stands for the Indiana game, where he had 5 fouls and 1 TO in 4 minutes--and didn't mark any other single stat category. Perhaps the single worst peformance in an NBA game, or any game really, I have ever witnessed. Last night's line was a triple-double in comparison: at least he managed 6 boards.

But even worse than the numbers were a couple plays in the 4th. With about 3 minutes to play, the Bulls came out of a timeout and ran a nice play (Skiles remains great at this) designed to leave Tyson loose, cutting behind a screen towards the hoop for an easy dunk, which he was, and the pass was right in his hands--and then right through them. Next time down he got called for goaltending. Another time down in the 4th, he couldn't corral a loose rebound that bounced off the floor, right to him, he had one hand on it but when he tried to bring his other hand together on the ball--he just muffed it.

This is inexplicable to me. Every game there are multiple times where Tyson's hands just betray him. How can an NBA player NOT BE ABLE TO CATCH THE BALL! This is the most rudimentary of skills on the job description of being a ballplayer--AT ANY LEVEL! But he's supposed to be A PRO!

So we need a new word for Tyson. Bad isn't enough. Retarded is too mean--to retarded people. Inept is kinda fun to say, but a little over-articulate. So I'm going with this: useless.

And if Tim Duncan is the Big Fundamental, than Tyson Chandler is the Big Detrimental.


The Zoner said...

The stuff about his wife propagating it made me think of the Mr. Show skit where DC says "Ahhh how the wheel ever so slowly turns..."

That is quite a scathing report. I would say though that even if his wife was cussing everyone out, if people were trying to harass or touch her than I still understand him going up there. Maybe he knew his wife has a big mouth and knew what was coming so he bolted up there.

SBG said...

What I've learned is that you have infinitely more patience with Greg Anthony than I do. He deserves no time talking on the air.