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As valued reader PV pointed out in the comments of the earlier post, it seems that Mrs. Davis has quite a stake in what happened too.

So let's say that the fan, 22 year-old Michael Axelrod of Chicago, was indeed cussed at and poked in the face. Does this warrant a one million dollar lawsuit? Not likely. But maybe fans like Axelrod have just about had it with the way athletes and now their families get a free pass in this society. I wrote the other day about Salivatin' Sean Taylor and how his trial was moved back because there was a slim possibility he could have practice. It's just ridiculous. Maybe Mrs. Davis felt that because her husband was playing in the game it was OK to stand the whole time and bother fans.

If I was poked in the face for every time I've yelled at a ref or player I'd be dead by now. That behavior is unacceptable. As Axelrod points out, "People can't go out there and make up lies that are going to hurt me … and expect that it's OK, because there are some athletes people will believe. There's a good possibility I would've let it go, except for that. When I came home, all [Davis and the Knicks] were saying was, they were drunk and abusive fans. That crossed the line, because that's not what happened. That's one reason [for the prospective suit], and another reason is someone needs to be held responsible for this type of behavior."

Maybe Mr. Axelrod is taking a stand for all fans. Athletes and their families shouldn't be able to act like they are above the average fan. And if it's true that she was cussing out the fan, does she kiss her little kids with that mouth? This reeks pretty bad. And I'd say someone is sleeping on the couch--and it ain't AD.

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