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After those 40+ passes yesterday, Rex Grossman is getting his elbow scoped. Just kidding. Certainly a lot to look forward to next season, but already concerned about the Thomas Jones/Cedric Benson playing time issue. Besides the great Walter Payton himself, I cannot think of another Bear RB that I have enjoyed watching as much as Thomas Jones. To the morsels...

--PV points out that there is hope for Dick Trickle in this fine article.

--I harped on it a bit last week and here the Tribune looks at Tyson Chandler and his 4.8 points per game. Chandler has his worst outing yet against the Pacers on Saturday night. He had 5 fouls in 4 minutes of playing time. His line score was filled with only the fouls and one turnover.

--I'm picking up what Teddy Greenstein is laying down, but I don't agree with it. He argues that Albert Belle should not make the Hall of Fame, mostly due to his surliness. If we were to go back and look at every player who was a jerk it wouldn't take long to empty out the Hall. Start with Ty Cobb. He also brings up Belle's bat corking incident against the White Sox. I say Gaylord Perry.

Hall voters as a whole are a weird lot. Just how is it that the most dominant players the game has ever known do not receive unanimous entry? Who are the goofs who did not vote for Seaver, Aaron, Frank Robinson, Johnny Bench, Rod Carew or Steve Carlton? And what was their reasoning? Pre-cable and pre-internet I can see where having the sportswriters cast votes for the Hall was a reasonable thing. They were the ones who had seen all the players whereas fans only saw a small sample. Well now the fans see just as much baseball or more than the scribes. It's time for a new voting system.

--I've long waivered on the mascot nickname issues. This site has a lot of information and is very interesting.

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