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Boy, I was wrong on the NFL games this weekend. I figured Denver to be just too tough a venue to win in on the road. And after watching Carolina whoop on my beloved Bears, it was hard for me not to pick them to beat Seattle. I still wasn't sold on them anyway. I'm still not. Bill Cowher will get his ring. On to the morsels...

--I'm disturbed by the list of new NFL coaches. If I was a black person I would be angered. Maybe it's because I got to see Dick Jauron coach for so many years. There have been 9 vacancies and 8 have been filled. Herman Edwards is the only minority candidate to have been hired--and he created a vacancy by leaving the Jets. His vacancy was filled by Eric Mangini. Intersting that Mangini said this in his presser: "I read recently where Bill Walsh said you're never really ready for your first head-coaching job, no matter how old you are." Guess that would blow the "going for the experienced candidate theory".

--On to some fun. Do you want to know your Ron Mexico alias? Click here. I'm Johnnie Sierra Leone.

--One reason to watch hockry, and it certainly isn't the Blackhawks, is Washington's rookie Alexander Ovechkin. Just 20 years old, the number one overall pick in the 2004 draft is dominating the league. He has 33 goals in 46 games, good for 2nd in the NHL. And here is a clip of him scoring what has to be the most amazing goal of the year.

--I posted last week how I thought it was nuts that some of the all-time greats don't receive unanimous selection into the Hall of Fame. Here is a site to check out the history of the voting.

--Sam Smith reports on Tim Thomas and the Bulls' relationship. Or non-relationship. Smith also updates us on Marcus Fizer, who is playing in the D-League. Fizer is shooting over 50% and averaging 19 & 7. Read more about Fizer from my earlier post here: From #1 to NBDL.

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