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A.J. Pierzynski signed a 3-yr. deal with the White Sox worth $15 million. I love the move. When the Twins were making the Sox look bad for years, he was the guy we hated, but dearly wanted on our team. Now he's a World Series Champion and signed up for 3 more years.

But the Sox also have employed a new style. In the article about A.J., it's noted that the Sox will receive approximately $27 million from the Jim Thome and Javier Vazquez trades. I haven't given it too much thought, but when was the last time you heard of teams compensating the World Series Champs to take 2 good, potentially great players? You have to love it. Maybe Michael Lewis should be talking to Ken Williams, and maybe other GMs should be reading that book. What Williams has done coming off a World Series championship is nothing short of brilliant.

Teddy Greenstein totally nails Joe Theismann for his flip-flopping on the Orton/Grossman change Sunday night. I love it. And again, I must reiterate that Orton did not "lead" the Bears to a 9-4 record. He was along for the ride.

Another thing on Orton, I wasn't so much rough on him as I was on his backers. I thought he was a real value pick in the 4th round and I still believe in his potential to be a solid NFL QB. It's just that this is not the year. But again, his experience this year is invaluable. With the seemingly fragile Grossman at the helm, Orton will be better prepared for his next opportunity. Here's hoping that Bears coaches and Orton have some real productive meetings soon.


Sports Litter said...

It's only a matter of time before Grossman gets hurt again. Turf toe might be the killer next time. Orton will get his chance to play again.

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