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Earlier I did call it the "Who Will Overpay Johnny Damon For The Downside Of His Career Derby". And no surprise, it's the Yankees. Damon is a very good player. But he's 32 and I really doubt that you will see anything better than his career averages as a Yankee. So what is that? It's about 12 HRs, 65 RBIs, .290/.350/.430. He's only stole 37 bags in the last 2 years combined.

New Yankee reliever Mike Myers says, "I would put the over/under on Damon scoring 125, and I'd take the over any day of the week."Damon has scored over 125 runs once in his career. As a Royal in 2000. I'll take the under.

He's a good CF, a good leadoff man and his teammates love him. But that's not worth $52 mill over 4 years, especially factoring in his age. And also factoring in the Yankee roster. Have they seen their own starting rotation?

The years and innings are taking a toll on Mike Mussina's body and performance. The Unit started out very slowly. He then turned it on and had a great year, but got hammered in the playoffs. He's 42 years old. Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano were beset with injuries. Shawn Chacon is Shawn Chacon and the best Wang I know is the guy taking pictures in the parking lot at Bushwood Country Club.

In other words, $13 million could go a long way toward shoring up what could be a disaster of a pitching staff. Go ask Cubs fans--without a steady rotation, your team falls to bits. They will score more runs. But I think they should have been looking for the best pitcher on the market.

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