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SINGAPORE (AP) - An Australian man was executed by hanging
Friday for drug trafficking, Singapore announced, hours after his
lawyer said he had a "beautiful last visit" with his family.
Nguyen, 25, was executed before dawn despite numerous appeals
from Australia for his life to be spared. He received a mandatory
death sentence after being caught with 14 ounces of heroin at the
city-state's Changi Airport in 2002.

"The sentence was carried out this morning at Changi Prison,"
the Home Affairs Ministry said in an e-mailed statement.
Australia scrapped the death penalty in 1973 and hanged its last
criminal in 1967, while Singapore has executed more than 100 people
for drug-related offenses since 1999.


Sports Litter said...

Singapore knows how to get it done! People on death row here in the States wait like 30 years before execution day rolls around. This guy gets executed in 3 years for drugs.

Don't mess with Singapore.

The Zoner said...

yeah and remember that kid that got flogged/caned for vandalism?

Don't mess with them indeed!!

Anonymous said...

I actually spent several days in Singapore (I know you're happy for me), and one of the best memories is a conversation I had with a Singapore traffic cop while I was having a smoke outside the airport. We talked NBA basketball (?!?) and, of course, Singapore's legendarily strict laws (including the one mentioned in this article). Anyway, they also have this very strict points program for drivers. The cop showed me what was essentially a menu of different traffic violations, and what each one was worth; when a driver accumulates enough points, they lose their license. Period. Fun stuff.

Anyway, whatever they do it works--it's very clean and nice and easy to get around. I recommend it. Ok then.