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Good ol' mild mannered Dick Jauron, your new Lions Head Coach. Maybe I'm off base here but isn't an interim coach supposed to try and restore order to the team? Jauron's first order of business? Name the guy who ruthlessly ripped the team and front office as his starter for Sunday's game.

My take on an interim coach: try and restore or actually create discipline, pride and togetherness. The interim tag is there for a reason. You go bye-bye at the end of the season. So set the tone for how a professional club should act.

On local sports radio here in Chicago, one host called Garcia's rant no different than what T.O. said about McNabb and the Eagles. T.O. gets suspended. Garcia gets named the starter.

Number 2 for Jauron was "asking" Dre' Bly how "he wanted to handle" the situation created by Bly's ripping of Joey Harrington. Here's how I would have "handled" it: Go home. Come back next year when I'm gone. *Since I'm the interim coach*. I'm sure the players respect the heck out of Jauron. Bly did not personally apologize to Harrington. Maybe someone prepared a statement for him like Rosenhaus did for T.O. Oh wait, T.O. wrote that whole thing. Jauron, 0-2, in only 2 days.

Matt Millen said he wanted to use the Lions' final games to look at young players, but Jauron said he chose Garcia as starter because he's an experienced quarterback, and that's what the Lions need. "He is a very strong leader," Jauron said. "Joey will do an excellent job backing him up. ... We are comfortable with that situation right now."

Huh? You need to play your super-high draft pick QB! They should let Harrington play out the string to see if he has any chance of fulfilling his potential. What does playing Garcia do for an inept team that has won one playoff game since 1957? Zip. You might as well just write off Harrington. So next year the Lions will need 2 more QBs. Meanwhile, Mike McMahon just won for the Eagles. Man, what a messed-up franchise.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Lions have gone too far. Check out this poor Lion's fan:

Captain Bee said...

I am not a Joey Lover by any means but I say let the guy have a chance to close out the season with Greg Olsen calling the damn plays instead of the most unimaginative offensive coordinator alive, Ted Tollner.

The season is in the crapper anyhow, might as well make sure you release the right guy this offseason.