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2 very intersting rumors have popped up in the last week. One is reborn after dying near the MLB trade deadline. The other is somewhat fresh, at least where the Bulls are concerned. The probabilty of them happening? Who knows? But they are fun to talk about.

1st is the resurfacing rumor that the White Sox will try again to obtain Ken Griffey Jr. to patrol centerfield at the Joan. (If you don't get that reference never mind.) Considering the Reds don't have much of a clue in putting together a winner and that they do not want added payroll, it would seem the only things holding up the deal are Junior's desire to come here and Ken Williams' desire to get it done.

There are 2 sides to the story. The first is that the Sox lineup, on paper, would be incredible.
  1. LF Podsednik
  2. 2B Iguchi
  3. CF Griffey Jr.
  4. 1B Konerko
  5. DH Thome
  6. RF Dye
  7. 3B Crede
  8. C Pierzynski
  9. SS Uribe

Konerko batting in between 2 left-handed hitters on their way to the Hall of Fame. If Joe Crede were to pick up where he left off in the World Series, it's possible the Sox lineup would have 5 players with 30 or more homers. It's also possible that Iguchi, Uribe and AJ would all hit 15 or more. That is just insane.

But the flip of that is what if Thome can't stay healthy and Griffey Jr. regresses to the injury prone player he was in years past? Ken Williams would go from GM genius to dumb-dumb in a hurry. It's fun to think about. I'm sure the Reds would be happy with Brian Anderson and one of the Sox pitching prospects. Trading Junior would help lessen the sting of paying Eric Milton about 8 million next year.

Up next...Kevin Garnett to the Bulls?

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