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Chicago Bears--winners of 5 in a row. Vikings not dead yet though. On to the morsels...

Al Gore on global warming: "I don't want to diminish the threat of terrorism at all, it is extremely serious, but on a long-term global basis, global warming is the most serious problem we are facing." In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy, "Agree to disagree".

Bobby Wade muffed 3 punts yesterday. I care not about the wind. I'm guessing Lovie will let him return punts again next week against Carolina. I'm cool with that. But any more mistakes and we need a change.

The Bears now lead the league in least points allowed with 107 through 9 games. The division isn't wrapped up yet. Bears will face: Carolina, @ TB, GB, @ Pitt., ATL, @ GB, @ Minn. That looks pretty tough. Green Bay, though 2-7, looked impressive yesterday. Carolina, Atlanta and Pittsburgh are all as good or better than the Bears. Tampa is tough. At Minny is no free ride. This could get ugly real quick. We might just see Rex Grossman after all.

San Francisco is now 2-7. I have no idea how many times they did it, but there was a handful of runs on 3rd & long. That's just stupid. You're 2-6. Throw the ball. Any team--Bears included--that does not throw the ball on 3rd down will not go far at all. Certainly some situations call for it. But when you are regularly running on 3rd down and more than 3 or 4, time to rethink things.

ARod or Ortiz? Puh-leeze. ARod is the AL MVP, hands down. Funny how people whine about DHs going into the hall, but they have no problem making them MVP?

And finally...

Knicks Offer Fans Money Back Guarantee if Eddy Curry Dies During a Game



The Armchair Quarterback said...

That wsa some crazy wind going on yesterday at the Bears game. Maybe Nolan figured that even on 3rd and long Pickett didn't need any help missing his receivers or possibly completing passes to Bear's defensive backs.

The Zoner said...

Perhaps. But a 7-9 yard slant isn't going to be affected by the wind that much. And sometimes you just have to go for it. I'm compiling the numbers now--check back for a post on it.

In all my years as a Bears fan, I have never seen a kick sail like that on Gould's FG attempt. Insane.