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Yes, the wind was fierce Sunday at Soldier Field. But the Niners set a new standard for conservative football and Bill Walsh probably felt like puking.

We used to make fun of the Ditka Bears when on 3rd and whatever he would run a draw play with Dennis Gentry, affectionately known as 'Pinky'. The Niners must have been big fans. They copied that offense and ran it on Sunday.

Here is a chronological list of the Niners' 3rd down possessions on Sunday, with field position, play called and result:
  • SF 16, 3-14, Barlow run 5 yds.
  • SF 15, 3-16, Barlow run 6 yds.
  • SF 27, 3-12, TJackson run- no gain.
  • CHI 17, 3-6, Barlow run 4yds.
  • CHI 12, 3-12, Barlow run- no gain.
  • SF 8, 3-14, Gore run 3 yds.
  • SF 40, 3-5, Gore run 5 yds & 1st down.
  • CHI 40, 3-15, Barlow run 6 yds.
  • SF 27, 3-5, Pickett pass to Lloyd, 28 yds. & 1st down.
  • CHI 42, 3-7, Inc. pass.
  • CHI 12, 3-12, Pickett run -5 yds.
  • SF 25, 3-10, Pickett Int. by Mike Brown
  • SF 33, 3-7, Pickett inc. pass to Johnnie Morton (he's on the Niners??)
  • SF 37, 3-15, Gore run 9 yds. (4th qtr.)
  • CHI 11, 3-11, Inc. pass.
  • SF 33, 3-8, Inc. pass.
  • SF 18, 3-7, Pickett run 5 yds.

11 runs and 6 passes on 3rd down. Yes Pickett is a backup. But they were afraid of turning it over-- to the Bears offense? You can see how they played it more loose later in the game. But maybe if they even tried to make some first downs earlier in the game, they could have escaped with a road win. Instead, they did everything they could to lose. No the Bears didn't throw a lot of passes either. But their running game was effective and their O-Line was busting jaws, both before and during the game. The Niners were having little success running it. They should have thrown more. It's the NFL, man. Let's go.

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Schmidty said...

Isn't John Shoop the offensive coordinator in San Fran now? :)