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What's left to be said about T.O.? Nothing. That's why it's really only laughs you hear now. Just a few thoughts on the presser yesterday that was a farce. Those 2 guys claiming sincerity is certainly one of the funnier things I've heard lately. T.O. is largely at fault, but you can imagine Drew's sell job to get him as a client. I'm guessing he told him he would get him the biggest contract in the history of the universe--even though he just signed one. That turned out to be a huge mistake, and seemingly the impetus that started this rolling in the wrong direction.

As far as T.O. claiming (or was it Drew) "I never intended to hurt anyone", that's a load. Rosenhaus' explanation that T.O. was merely responding to the comment about the Eagles being undefeated if Favre was the QB was also a load. Maybe T.O. should have told the interviewer to check the last time McNabb was in a Super Bowl and when Favre was. Or he could have pointed to the Packers record. But T.O. ran with it. Is it because he is so stupid or that he is so in need of being great and attended to?

All the deflection attempts by T.O. and Drew were garbage too. Risked career to play in Super Bowl, media unfair to T.O., other players do drugs--all non-sequiturs. What do those things have to do with him being a selfish ass? Owens said, "I fight for what I think is right. In doing so, I alienated a lot of my fans and my teammates." What does that even mean? And how about his unapologetic apology? "I apologize to him for any comments that may have been negative." May have been?

Oh to be a fly on the wall when he was cussing out Rosenhaus on any of the several occasions he was probably doing so. Let's make a movie about that.

On to 3 players who deserve the attention that goofy got yesterday.

Anthony Thomas. One of my all-time favorites and I still believe he can be a solid back in the NFL. Signed with the Saints yesterday and here's hoping he gains lots of yards.

Priest Holmes. Received this item from KSHB-TV's Jack Harry (Channel 41 Sports) reported that sources inside the Kansas City Chiefs organization have said that RB Priest Holmes might retire from pro football as early as Thursday afternoon. Holmes was in Florida today getting a third opinion on his spine/neck after that crushing hit he took from Chargers DE Shawne Merriman two weeks ago. It's rumored to be a lump on or within Priest's spine, and paralysis is the clear risk factor involved. What a gamer this guy is. If he does not make it back, I don't know that his career numbers are good enough for the Hall of Fame. But they are certainly comparable to Earl Campbell's. Either way I'm sure everyone hopes he has a fast recovery.

Wayne Chrebet. Likely going to retire after being put on IR with another concussion. If it's the end of his career he certainly got the most out of it. Seems every year I was surprised he was still on the Jets. He just kept making plays and taking the hits across the middle. He's 2nd for all-time receptions as a Jet with 580.


The Armchair Quarterback said...

Having Drew end the press conference for T.O. shows just how misguided these two are. Owens can never be considered humbled but at least he didn't have the defiant tone in his voice that he had in his first public apology. Then Drew steps in and basically snaps us back to reality with the "we're victims here" speech. Angry, arrogant, and...oh yeah, stupid.

BigD said...

To all those who believe Rosenhaus has somehow led T.O. down the wrong path...Drew works for T.O. There is nothing that Rosenhaus would do that Owens did not sign up for. Another example of our society passing blame to someone else. Stand up and take accountability. Yes, Rosenhaus is a tool. But that's his job.

The Zoner said...

I totally disagree--you see it in politics all the time. A "spokesperson" says the wrong thing, casts the wrong vibe and it's poison. Surely T.O. was a tool before hiring Drew. But Rosenhaus isn't exactly making progress for him. He's not helping him much at all. And that isn't why T.O. pays him a lot of coin. It's to get him the biggest WR contract and to get him endorsments and out of snafus like this. Drew is 0-3.