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People are talking about a new version of the Marlins fire sale. The Cub Reporter looks back at the trade that brought Derrek Lee to the Cubs--2 years ago today.

I remember being torn about it. I knew Lee was solid in every way and likely to get better. I certainly never envisioned what he did last year. But Choi was the type of player the Cubs didn't have--big, strong, left-handed and disciplined at the plate. I was certain he would be a 300/400/500 guy for many years. With the many holes in his long swing that doesn't seem probable, at least right now. Last year Choi was 253/336/453=789. Oddly enough he hit better at home than he did on the road. 879 OPS at Dodger Stadium and 705 elsewhere. He also had only 29 ABs against lefties. Choi will be 27 on opening day next year. And looking at the current Dodger depth chart they better hope that he has a career year.

Meanwhile the Cubs are throwing immense quantities of cash at middle relievers who used to play for the White Sox. Howry was absolutely lights out after the All-Star game last year. Eyre is coming off a career year. I suppose if they get the Cubs to the postseason the money is acceptable. But I haven't spoke with many fans who believe these 2 deals will be worth it in the end.

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Greg said...

A lot of money being thrown around already this offseason. Interesting. I thought the large contracts were starting to slow down. Oh well.

And that Lee/Choi deal certainly looks lopsided now, doesn't it. Just another case of a "can't miss" prospect, you know, missing.