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7 in a row for the Bears. Interesting, as pointed out on local sports radio this week, that Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith aren't getting a whole lot of props now. But last year? The fans had great guns a-blazin'! I suppose it's the nature of the fan. Well here it is: kudos to both of them. On to the morsels...

--The Bears are now tied for the 3rd best record in the NFL and tied for the 2nd best in the NFC. The team they are tied with in the NFC is Carolina, and they shut them down last week.

--Looks as if Doug Christie will retire. The last holdup in the announcement is that his wife is still mulling it over.

--Eddy Curry has missed the last 2 games with a "strained calf". But it's OK. Jamal Crawford has picked up the slack. In those 2 games Jamal is 6-22 shooting which includes 0-7 from 3. He also has 5 turnovers to 4 assists. With all that firepower on their squad--Curry, Crawford, Marbury, Richardson & more--the Knicks are barely averaging 90 points per game. The caption for the picture on the left? "What's that coach?" "Why, that's a pass Stephon."

--Brett Favre said yesterday: "I'm sure people in Chicago are tickled to death with the Packers." Oh indeed we are. The only thing more enjoyable than a Bears victory is a Packers loss. "In my 14 years, we've had the upper hand on the Bears," he said. "I'm sure they think it's about time. All we can do is be a spoiler." You won't be spoiling anything. Even if you win both games it seems as if it would not deter the Bears from winning the division. My hope is that the Bears get to Favre like they did Delhomme--8 sacks. I would love to see him forced to leave the game. Nothing serious, but enough to make him leave the game.

--We will be seeing Urlacher, Vasher, Alex Brown, Kreutz and Tommie Harris in the Pro Bowl. Possibly Thomas Jones. That would be 6 Bears. I might even watch it this year if that's the case.

--Check out this article and break out the world's smallest violin for these guys. Boo-hoo.


Earl in Alaska said...

RE the post on the hope that Favre gets injured and has to leave the game---not even the Bears -Packers rivalry deserves such malice.
I do not want to see any athlete purposely hurt or have to leave a game because they are hurt.
And I get frustrated at prima donnas like T.O. , Barry Bonds, etc.
But let's keep sports at a little higher level.
Dye-hard Packer fan
from Barrow

The Zoner said...

Earl-- I wrote "I would love to see him forced to leave the game. Nothing serious, but enough to make him leave the game." That's hardly malicious. Malicious is Charles Martin slamming Jim McMahon. Or Favre puking up an overdose of vicodin then scooping them up out of the puke and reingesting them. Oh wait, that's not malicious, just really gross.

Earl said...

Zoner---maybe a blast of clean, cold air from the Arctic will help you be less gross.
What really is just absurd is those beefy defensive players doing a 5-min. dance on the field after making a routine tackle.
come on! Play the game and get it over in less than four hours!
Go Pack!

The Zoner said...

Nothing compared to top of the world, but we are starting to get our own cold blasts here in Chicago.

Beefy defensive players dancing--now that's gross!

I think they should also do dances when they miss tackles and get burned on post routes. We'll see how much dancing there is then.