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There are many things we don't understand about each other. Some people probably could not understand why I would troll the net for 3 hours after repeatedly click-click-clicking in hopes of scoring some World Series, when I knew it was basically a lost cause. I can't understand why people would wait overnight and dress up in costumes to go see a movie that would be in theatres for months.

Another thing I cannot understand are "Black Friday" shoppers. I'm not quite sure I would leave my house at 4:45am to go to a store if they were giving something away free and I was the only one allowed in the store. Yet people rush toward these special sales and fight--literally--the barrage of people looking for a deal. Should the well-being of their common man get in the way, oh well. They'll pancake you like an offensive lineman.

I believe it was last year that there was a near riot over some $29 DVD players. I need this DVD player--to show I'm a giving person--so I will knock you down and step on your face to get one before they run out; before you get one.

Already this year, local police here have arrested a man who parked in a handicap-only parking spot and actually faked a limp on his way into the store. I do believe his penalty should be repainting all the handicap spots in his zip code. That or a group of people who really needed the spot should give him a real reason to limp.

Then there is this tale of brotherly love from Florida. A synopsis: among the chaos a 73-year-old woman was pushed over at an electronics store. The crowd of shoppers outside were angry at being forced to wait by security, so they pushed their way under the security gate and down a hallway into the store, forcing dozens of people against the walls and trampling the woman. God Bless us each and every one, huh? Here are some photos from the AP and the full story is at the link above.

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