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Mike Downey writes about Moises Alou today. Downey points out, "In his last year as a Cub, all he did was bat 601 times, get 39 homers, 36 doubles, 106 runs batted in, a .293 average and a scant 80 strikeouts." Moises adds, "Maybe they made a mistake." They being the Cubs for not resigning him. I will add "Back off the bong, the both of you."

Alou was signed to a 3 yr-$27 mil. contract by the Cubs. He hardly earned his money. Sure last year he was great--with the bat. Apparently some have forgotten his absolutely heinous combination of bad baserunning and defense last year. Also forgotten must be his rather pedestrian 2003 season, in which he hit only 22 HRs and had an OPS of only .819. It was a decent year, but certainly not worth 9 mil. 2002 was absolutely horrid. His jersey number should have been 6-4-3. He ended up with 15 HRs and a lousy OPS of .756. It was a pathetic season, made all the more aggravating by Chip Caray's constant apologetics for Alou's performance. Only in his contract year did he meet the high expectations that came when he signed with the Cubs after his monster year with Houston in 2001.

He's already made one trip to the DL this year and it sounds like he's on his way back. Plus, he wanted a 2-yr. deal, which only the Giants would give him. It's revisionist history. The Cubs would be no better if he were still on the team. It was the right move not to resign him. Let's see how the Giants feel at the end of 2006.

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