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Corey Patterson on what he needs to work on in AAA: "It's just one thing—making my swing a little shorter," he said. "It got out of whack. It was pretty long. That's really the only thing." GM Jim Hendry said, "He has to go clear his head and make some changes." Plural. Several. I wonder if that's being explained to him. And if it is he might not be receiving the message.

"I know people were pulling for me from A-to-Z. It wasn't like it was a lack of hustle or a lack of effort." But it is indeed a lack of effort. A lack of effort in trying to change his approach at the plate. Out of the 78 players that have a qualifying total of plate appearances, Corey is 76th in OBP. (Neifi Perez is 72nd). Corey is 71st in BB per PA. (Neifi is last at 78th).

Dusty has spoken about how he can't put on a take sign and how sometimes the best pitch you see is the first. Wrong and wrong. He's the manager. If his team is up there swinging at junk he has every right to instill some discipline. And the best pitch you see is when you know the pitcher has to throw you a strike. Corey needs to learn patience and how to work a count to his advantage. I agree with the long swing needing to be shorter. Especially since he whiffs too much and he has a lot of speed. He's currently 4th in the league in K's. His success--if he won't draw a walk or work the count to his favor--is predicated on putting the ball in play and using his speed.
It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. The guess here is that they hope he gets hot in AAA so his value increases and then maybe they deal him.

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