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Phil Rogers in today's Chicago Tribune writes about a possible Sox trade for Kenny Rogers. He writes that if Ken Williams is going to make a big trade, which he seemingly does every year, then why not Rogers? Well, here's why:

1) Rogers is 40. He's on pace for his biggest workload since 2000. I don't trust that he will hold up and even if he does, he might be burnt by October.

2) His postseason numbers are atrocious. Who can forget Rogers puking all over himself in 1996 and 1999? In '96, he started 3 games, pitched in 4 total and amassed a whopping 7 innings. He gave up 11 runs and 15 hits. That paved the way for '99, when he lost 3 games for the Mets. He was not only shelled again, but also seemed to be afraid to throw the ball over the plate. He walked Andruw Jones with the bags loaded in extra innings to seal it for the Braves. He walked 3 in that inning alone. It was the ultimate choke.

3) He's likely to miss 20 games, basically 4 starts. Is he really needed that badly for the 8-10 starts he could provide? Doubtful. He's appealing but I doubt his suspension would be lessened. If he came here he would go through another media circus. Asked and answered does not apply to journalists. They will drain you until there is nothing left. Can Rogers handle it? Can he handle Chicago? I wouldn't want to find out. I don't think the Sox players would want to deal with the baggage that comes with him either.

Assuming the Sox make a move for a starter, I hope it's anyone but Rogers.

Here's great piece about Kenny's Odd Career.

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