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"I was pleased with the way I threw the ball." That was from Kerry Wood, after he gave up 3 runs, 3 BBs and 6 hits in 5 innings. He's paid like an ace--shouldn't he be thinking like one? I really don't care that he is coming off an injury. That's pretty much the situation every year. So how is he pleased with the way he threw the ball? I'll add he did say that was with the exception of the first inning. Imagine a fund manager telling investors, "I'm pleased with the way I've managed your money, with the exception of that big chunk that I put in Enron." It's garbage and he should have greater expectations.

He hasn't made it to the 8th inning of any of his starts this year. He's 1-2 with a 5.30 ERA. The Cubs have lost 5 of the 7 games he has started. Left handed hitters are KILLING Wood this year. People talk about this guy as if he is in the upper echelon of starting pitchers. But he's not. His quote should have been "I'm mad we didn't win and I didn't throw a complete game." He's never pitched more than 213 innings in any season. He's not a horse, not an ace and not someone you build a staff around. He's not Schilling, he's not the Unit. He's not Nolan Ryan. He's not Mike Mussina. He's not even Livan Hernandez. Who is he? He's basically the number 3 on this team. And number 3's shouldn't make close to 10 mill per season.

If there is a big bat out there and a trade to be made, he's the guy I would be putting out there. For that money you can sign a decent starter next year and a top reliever.

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Chunsum Choi said...

You're right, he should have higher expectation of himself as a starter.
but I do believe he has the stuff to be like the Unit or Schilling, but I think his problem is mostly in his head. An attitude adjustment is definitely in order.

However, a trade might not be a bad idea. I rather like the lefty Rich Hill and having Prior and Big Z as 1 and 2 is fine with me and if Williams and Mitre get their act together then the Cubs will still have a pretty formidable rotation. Only if they can fix the pen.