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PV writes in:
"That it's taken Dusty this long to realize you can't have the two worst OBP guys in the league (or wherever they rank, it has to be close to the bottom) at the top of your lineup, is pathetic and inept. They really shouldn't play every day, no matter where they bat. They are the definition of out machines--and not even productive outs, with Corey's k's and Nifty's DPs. From Day 1, Dusty should have been mixing and matching his OFers and 2B so that Hairston was playing mostly everyday--in any of the OF spots or 2B--and batting leadoff a lot; that had to be why Hendry acquired him and makes me wonder about Dusty's future. How backwards is it to try and jump start yer worst player, Corey, by putting him in the worst position to succeed?!? and then bench him when he doesn't succeed?!?!? And they bring up Cedeno to spell Nifty, and hopefully improve on him, and he doesn't play. And wasn't Dusty's postgame speech yesterday on missed bunts and missed signs and general ineptitude a self-indictment? Start the clock on Dusty... "

A pretty solid argument. The bad thing is that it looks as if the Cubs could hang around a weak wild card race. But should they continue to slide, to say 76-86, maybe it would be the end of Baker.

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