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40-41 should be enough to aggravate Cubs fans. But it doesn't stop there. Here we are days away from the All-Star Break and the manager has yet to form a lineup he likes everyday. He has yet to determine who should be leading off everyday. Real bad. First, let's get the big excuse out of the way--injuries. Injuries, injuries. OK. So we know those have been tough. Hurray. They are now 7-14 in their last 21, this after getting some of these injured guys back.

After DLee, who is in a whole different stratosphere, the Cub with the highest on-base percentage is...Jerry Hairston Jr. at .367. Dusty Baker is quoted as saying that he doesn't want to play Hairston in left field because it is too difficult to play without experience. Whoa. This from a guy who had Moises Alou out there regularly. I'm sorry but I really hope that he doesn't believe that. It is ridiculous. Jose Macias didn't have a lot of experience in LF but he had no problem running him out there. It's evident that Hairston should be leading off with Walker batting second. There is no other combination that would be better. There is none that makes more sense.

Then it goes Lee, Ramirez and Burnitz. Then Corey, Barrett and Perez, who left 6 men on base yesterday and has reverted to his usual form. He's hitting .269 with an OBP below .300. Am I the only one who can see this is truly their best lineup?

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