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A look at the 1st round picks of the Cubs and Sox since 1990 from the AP. The number is their first round slot; h-from high school; c-from college. The Sox have exactly zero of their picks onthe major league club, including the players they traded for with the picks, like Todd Ritchie, etc. The Cubs have Patterson, Prior and Wood. Dougie G was decent in '97 and then had 204 hits for the Phils in '99. I think you have to say Cubs have had better 1st rounders.

2004 Joshua Fields, 3b (18c)
Tyler Lumsden, lhp (34c) - for losing Bartolo Colon
Giovanni Gonzalez, lhp (38h) - for losing Tom Gordon
2003 Brian Anderson, of (15c)
2002 Roger Ring, lhp, (18c)
2001 Kris Honel, rhp (16h) (from Florida Marlins)
2000 Joseph E. Borchard, of (12c)
1999 Jason Stumm, rhp (15h)
Matt Ginter, rhp (22c) - from New York Mets for Robin Ventura
1998 Robert "Kip" Wells, rhp (16c)
1997 Jason Dellaero, ss-rhp (15c)
1996 Bobby Seay, lhp (12h) - did not sign (declared free agent)
1995 Jeff Liefer, if-of (25c)
1994 Mark Johnson, c (26h)
Chris Clemons, rhp (33c) - for losing Ellis Burks from Rockies
1993 Scott Christman, lhp (17c)
1992 Eddie Pearson, 1b (24c)
1991 Scott Ruffcorn, rhp (25c)
1990 Alex Fernandez, rhp (4c)


2004 none - for signing LaTroy Hawkins from Twins
2003 Ryan Harvey, of (6h)
2002 Robert Brownlie, rhp (21c)
Luke Hagerty, lhp (32c) (sandwich pick)
Chad Blasko, rhp (36c) (sandwich pick)
Matthew Clanton, rhp (38c) (sandwich pick)
2001 Mark Prior, rhp, (2c)
2000 Luis Montanez, ss (3h)
1999 Ben Christensen, rhp (26c)
1998 Corey Patterson, of (3h)
1997 Jon Garland, rhp (10h)
1996 Todd Noel, rhp (17h)
1995 Kerry Wood, rhp, (4h)
1994 Jayson Peterson, rhp (15h)
1993 Brooks Kieschnick, of (10c)
Jon Ratliff, rhp (24c) - from Braves for losing Greg Maddux
Kevin Orie, ss (29c) - for losing Greg Maddux
1992 Derek Wallace, rhp (11c)
1991 Doug Glanville, of (12c)
1990 Lance Dickson, lhp (23c)

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