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I'm not really enjoying Cubs broadcasts these days. I can't seem to get into the new team. I'll admit that Kasper and Brenly need time to gel. I couldn't stand Chip Caray in the beginning. I warmed to him as time went on. But it's also safe to say that he improved vastly; even more when Stoney came back. So maybe I will enjoy the broadcasts later. But one criticism of Kasper that cannot withstand the newbie defense is his kid gloving of Jeff Gordon the other night.

Kasper whiffed on the chance to enamor himself to the people of Chicago. It wouldn't have taken a malicious swipe, a toe over the company line or anything outlandish. All he had to do was call out Gordon on his horrendous version of "Take Me Out To the Ballgame". He could have had quite a bit of fun with it and I'm sure Gordon would have taken it in stride--he seems like a good guy who can take a barb. Among the tame zingers Kasper could have tossed out: "That was worse than Ditka!", "Have you ever even heard that song before?", "Are your ears cashed from all the loud roaring engines?". But he didn't even mention the fact that he totally butchered the song. That's part of the fun of the whole thing, isn't it? Those are the ones we remember, the ones that get replayed on TV. The brutal renditions. Kasper instead went on to ask him inane racing questions. It was boring and slightly distracting from the close game. Gordon also called it "Wrigley Stadium". He was given a pass on that too.

I like that Kasper seems to respect the game and his duties in calling the play by play. But it's ok to stray from the script. These people are coming into your booth Len--give it to them when called for and have some fun!

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