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High (unmet) expectations lead to harping. My buddy PV and I spoke last year about how the Cubs were not a very likeable team. We were saying that they just weren't very fun to watch and that the season seemed to be a painful exercise for them. Unfortunately that has carried over to this year.

I remembered how Jerry Reinsdorf talked about how he wanted to get more likeable players on the Sox during the Albert Belle days. It sounded kind of weird, but I'm starting to think the same about the Cubs. It just seems they are very uptight and don't have a lot of fun out there. They come off mostly as contentious and defensive, devoid of joy. Go through the roster and find the guys you really enjoy watching or the guys that look like they really enjoy playing. There aren't a lot. Maybe you can't have it both ways, but the Red Sox sure seemed to have a lot of fun and win.

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