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Let's start with the hated Cards. I would actually like 2 things to happen. I would like to see the Reds win the Central and the Redbirds get the Wild Card. Then I would like to enjoy the thrashing of the Redbirds by the Mets.

I'm glad Maddux is a Dodger and I hope they win the division. I think that the Reds vs. Dodgers would be an entertaining matchup, even if they aren't great clubs.

I would like to see the Dodgers win the NL. Is there any team besides the Mets that think they can win the NL? The Dodgers were in last place after losing 13 of 14 and were 7.5 out of 1st. They win 18 of their next 21 to take the lead by 4 games. Also, Grady Little has been ripped enough.

Furcal started slow but has been red-hot in July and August. Kenny Lofton is still playing well. Betemit has been incredible. And the Mets are still a hated foe of the Cubs. Go Dodgers!

In the AL I would love to see the Sox win the division. But if not the wild card will suffice. Boston looks beat down lately. It would be a trip to play against the A's and Frank Thomas. That would be wild.

The Sox don't look like the same club from last year. But they bop. I would not be surprised to see them win it all again.

What do you think will happen, or what do you want to see?

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Mike O'Donnell said...

For days I held a terrible secret. I was ashamed to bring it up, even among friends. I thought I was the only one who was not able to post a comment. Now that I know I am able to face the world in confidence, realizing that I am not alone. Thank you, blogger, for making my dreams come true.

Anyway, I would love to see something different this year. Not having Atlanta hog a spot for no reason will be nice. The Padres don't deserve to win because they can't hold anything together long enough for a title. The Dodgers would be great, but there is that whole Jeff Kent thing, the fact that they have him.
I know all about the Mets, but it would be good to see them play. They are gamers and its always fun to see talent on the ballfield when it works together like that.
The Tigers would be nice, too. I like Leland, and it would be good for baseball if they won.
I am holding hope for the Twins. I like their squad, but they just don't have the experience or the pitching to go the distance. If Liriano is healthy, then they can make it interesting. I think the spanking by the Yankees in past Divisional Series has helped them grow, but I just don't know.
I would hate to see the A's win the West. I have disdain for Billy Beane and the organization. They don't play fair and I don't like the attitude of their players.

So here is how I would like it to shape up:
AL East - Bosox
AL Central - Tigers
AL West - Angels
AL WC- Twins

NL East - Metropolitans
NL Central - Reds
NL West - Dodgers
NL WC - Phillies

AL Champ - Tigers/Red Sox
NL Champ - Mets/Dodgers

WS - Tigers/Mets

Champ - Mets