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Apparently some of you have been trying to post comments and they have not been posting. Blogger is making some huge, overdue changes and there are evidently some quirks. It's odd because my last post was my 500th and that's when my former template quit cooperating.

So I decided to switch rather than fight and went to a new Blogger template. It has some nice new functions but not the look I want. I will be working on it and might even just get my own domain.

Anyway, we're up and running and there's a lot happening in Chicago sports. Consider this an open thread. Post any questions or comments or cool links.

Show some love while I think of a nice way to rip Cedric Benson. It's the premiere of Open Zoner Wednesday.


Tim said...


The Zoner said...

Yes Tim, I know you invented the open blog concept.

Go Reds!

Tim said...

Looks like you Cubs fans are a bunch of racist thugs.

The Zoner said...

I'll take hasty generalizations for $1000 Alex.

Bob said...

It would be interesting if the Reds overtake the Cards for the NL central. The Cards taking on the Mets......suspect pitching on both sides.....perhaps there would be an abundance of offense until the Mets eventually dispatch the underachieving Cards. (This coming from a Cards fan.)

Tim: Look at "Open Zoner Wednesday" as an extension of your blog franchise......kinda like the CSI: franchise of shows. Vegas, Miami, New York. Who among the (imitating the Rock here) millions...AND MILLIONS...of Ellsworth's readers will be next for an open blog spinoff?

The Zoner said...

There are open threads all over the blogosphere.

Coming this year:

CSI: Winnemucka
CSI: Keokuk

Bob said...


You had no way of knowing this....
but I was born in Keokuk Iowa. No Kidding. Still have family there. Lived across the Mississippi River in Warsaw, IL until age 3, then again from age 10-16.

CSI: Keokuk
With the poor economy in Southeast Iowa, they could use the publicity.