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Golf is nothing without the jokes, barbs and needles. One of the classics is when someone duffs it off the tee (golf equivalent for bunt when not meaning to), someone inevitably will say, "Does your husband play?" That someone is usually me. I usually lead my group in barbs. It sure isn't birdies. Today, Mark Prior is getting asked if his husband plays, so to speak.

In today's Sun Times, Greg Couch completely encompasses my feelings on the whole Prior issue. The headline reads "Have You Met the Mrs.? Prior Playing Cower Ball". The line is a referral to a scout's labeling of Mark as "Mrs. Prior". Apparently around baseball, and more importantly the Cubs, have had enough of Prior's act.

Couch writes, "Some are speculating that the newest excuse is excessive sweating, making it tough for Prior to grip the ball and impossible to throw the curve. Let's think of something better."

A telling moment came about a month back when Prior was getting shelled by the Nats in DC. He stood on the mound with Baker and looked at his hand as if one of those monsters from "Alien" was going to pop out. Apparently he had hand cramps. He looked as if he was stroking out. That's how he rolls these days. And it's one of the saddest things I've seen in sports.

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Tom said...

I was fed up with Prior and Wood before the season ever began. Until the Cubs unload this pair and retool, they will never be serious contenders for anything but the butt of many jokes.