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Most of you know a few things about Joe Mauer. He was selected #1 overall in front of Mark Prior. He leads the majors in hitting at .367. But what you might have forgot or might not have even known, is what else Mauer brought to the Twins.

A great article in this week's SI tells how Mauer was deemed major league-ready by the Twins in '03. That allowed them to trade A.J. Pierzynski to the Giants. They received pitcher Boof Bonser who has been doing a little yo-yo between the big club and the minors. Still a decent prospect. But they also received stud closer Joe Nathan and ROY candidate Francisco Liriano.

So not only is Mauer the best hitter in baseball, his arrival allowed the Twins to obtain those 3 players, 2 of which are all-stars.

Mark Prior won his 1st game of 2006 last week.

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Tim Ellsworth said...

Best hitter in baseball? I think Albert Pujols might have something to say about that. Mauer's great, no doubt, but let's not go nuts just yet.

The Zoner said...

Do you have to make everything about the Cards?? Just kidding.

Anyway, I agree with you. By best I meant in average only. Pujols hits for power and average, leads the league in OPS and he rarely K's. He's a freak.

Tim Ellsworth said...

Yeah, you're right about the average. I wonder what kind of hitter Mauer will be in five years. Scary.

Gordon Cloud said...

Twins gain is FSU's loss. Mauer was supposed to be our quarterback until he decided to follow a baseball career. Instead, we got stuck with Chris Rix for four years. Thanks Joe.

I guess I really can't blame him, though.

The Zoner said...

The article mentioned that too. In his senior year he was player of the year in both football and baseball. In football he had 41 TDs and 5 or 7 ints.

But it's OK because I'm a Gator fan anyway. Unless FSU is playing the Vols.